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Taylor Castanho Beavis is a graphic and UX designer driving innovation at Aon. A proud Savannah College of Art and Design graduate, Taylor holds a degree in Graphic Design. Recently, she expanded her expertise and received a certificate in Digital Design Project Management, further amplifying her skill set.

With a dynamic portfolio spanning branding, motion graphics, web design, and user experience projects, Taylor has seamlessly collaborated with clients such as Pepsi Co's Golf Charity, Door Dash, Whole Woods, Randstad, and Jcrew.

Taylor's professional persona is marked by an engaging and energetic approach, complemented by a track record of crafting designs that go beyond mere aesthetics. Her creations are visually captivating, intuitive, and user-friendly, a testament to her mastery in managing projects from inception to completion.

After Hours Studio is a dynamic creative powerhouse with a combined 30 years of industry expertise. We're not just fans of creativity; we're its enthusiastic cheerleaders, incorporating it into everything we do. We believe that great accomplishments often come from taking well-thought-out risks, which drives us to continuously question norms and rethink traditional design and marketing approaches. With our innovative mindset, we go beyond just creating campaigns; we craft lasting experiences that strike a chord with our audience, making a memorable impact on their hearts and minds.​


At our core, we champion the growth and triumph of small businesses. Our mission is clear: to be the catalyst that propels businesses, no matter their size or stage, toward success. We're not just supporters; we're dedicated partners, available round the clock to ignite and sustain your journey to success.


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